Red Laser for Distance

Step 1: Calibrate your backstroke

  1. Place your putter at the zero mark.
  2. Turn on the RED laser.
  3. Adjust the RED laser so that it shines at the end point of the backstroke you want to practice.  For example, to practice a backstroke length of 12 inches, calibrate the RED laser distance mark so that it shines exactly 12 inches from the front face of your putter.

With Laser Putt™, you’ll soon develop laser-perfect feel for distance, pace, and speed.

Master your distance with the RED laser!

Use the RED laser of your Laser Putt™ and the Alignment & Calibration Guide to calibrate exactly how far you swing your putter.

Step 2: Practice your calibrated stroke without a ball

Get the feel for this backstroke length by swinging your putter and trying to keep the length of your stroke exactly the same on every swing. When the RED laser distance mark reaches the precise point where your putter started, your backward motion should stop – this is the “apex” of your backswing.

Practice and master this stroke length several times without a ball until the “apex” is at the same point each time. The RED laser distance mark acts as a “visual tape measure.”

Pro Tip: You no longer need to look at your putter to find out your backstroke length…

Step 3: Practice your calibrated stroke with a ball

  1. Place a ball next to the Alignment & Calibration Guide.
  2. Putt the ball using the same backstroke length you just practiced.
    1. Bring the RED laser distance mark to the back of the golf ball (where the putter face contacts the ball).
    2. Bring the putter forward with a smooth pendulum-like motion and hit the ball.
  3. Observe how far the ball travels, and enter the distance in your Putting Data Log.

Repeat this process paying close attention to the exact apex point of your backstroke and the resulting putting distance. You should being putting the ball the same distance every time when the apex point is the same. This is the goal you are striving for — consistent and repeatable distance.

If the ball travels different distances even when the apex point is the same, then you are applying varying amounts of energy (power) to your stroke.

The length of your backstroke should determine the distance that you putt the ball, not the amount of energy you apply to your stroke. To avoid this, use the same tempo for every putting stroke. Don’t try to adjust the putting distance by applying more (or less) power to your stroke.

This is precisely the control you get with the RED distance mark.

Practice your backstroke while observing the apex of your stroke.

Step 4: Build up results data

Set the Red laser distance mark at various apex points for various putting distances and log the results of these “backstroke-to-distance” pairs in your Putting Data Log. Keep records for balls hit over various distances. You will gradually get a feel for each backstroke length and the resulting putting distance and build confidence to execute perfect putts. Soon, you will develop laser-perfect feel for distance, pace, and speed.

Pro Tip: Whether you’re lining up a 20-foot putt or a two-footer, the length of the backstroke determines the length of the putt. The longer the putt, the longer the stroke.

Instructional video: RED laser for line

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