Solar Rangefinder


Solar Rangefinder


Introducing the first SOLAR POWERED Laser Rangefinder in the USA
All keen golfers like to have a RANGEFINDER on hand to help them check distances to pins… and hazards. It is really useful to know exactly how far to a pin, or to carry a hazard – or to lay-up short of it.

But, why break the bank to get a simple RANGEFINDER?
Some of these puppies can cost over $300, or $400, or even $500 a pop!

Laser Focus Golf has acquired a limited stock of a cutting-edge compact-designed Laser Rangefinder that has all the features and the same accuracy as a Bushnell — with Flagpole Lock Technology!

One very cool feature of this Laser Rangefinder is that it runs on a SOLAR Cell… so you will NEVER need an expensive Lithium battery again!

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