The mental game — and the frustrations that come with it — is most pronounced in putting. Why is that?

You can recover for a poor drive with a good iron shot. You can recover for a poor iron shot with a good chip. But you can’t recover from a missed 4-foot putt. That’s where pressure comes in — and that’s where frustration also creeps in.

Another reason it seems so frustrating is that — it seems so simple! You have a flat piece of metal, on a stick, a smooth stretch of grass, everybody is being quiet… so why do we miss short putts?

Even the Pros miss 3-footers! Rory has been infamous for doing this on the big stage… he misses a short putt… twice in a row ! What happened?

We don’t suddenly forget how to do the simple action of swinging a putter back and forth. What happens is: we get in our own way. The mental obstacles of:

   – Doubt

   – Anxiety

   – Hesitation

   – Over-thinking (and the like)

… undermine our confidence! And interfere with our ability to perform!

Mental game mastery, is about clearing the interference, taking the pressure off you, focusing on your process rather than results, and developing CONFIDENCE!

You must develop a good putting routine that includes Visualization if you want to develop CONFIDENCE to make short pressure putts.

Stay tuned for future articles to build putting confidence….