Build Laser-it-in-the-Hole Confidence!

Once you have…

  • grooved the shape of your stroke
  • checked the balanced of your stroke
  • got the feel for distance, and
  • built up your log of putting data

Laser-it-in-the-Hole confidence!

you are ready to work on your putting confidence!

The best way to build up confidence on the greens is to use the proven technique of “visualization.”  Laser Putt™ gives you an incredible advantage by producing powerful visual images to store in your mind…images of your own putting!

You can literally:

  • Burn images into your mind with Laser-it-in-the-Hole putts… and you can associate these images with the physical muscle memory you used to execute the putts.
  • Then, whenever you face a similar type of putt again in the future, you simply: visualize the Laser-it-in-the-Hole putt… call-up this “image-and-muscle-memory” package… play back the tape in your mind…and execute the putt!

To build putting confidence, you need to have images of…

  • …YOU executing putts…
  • …with YOUR putter…
  • …using YOUR muscles…
  • …seeing it with YOUR eyes…
  • …burning YOUR images…
  • …into YOUR mind…

…which leads to building YOUR Confidence! So let’s get started!

Step 1: Practice your stroke

Start with some short and easy putts. Two-footers should be fine.

Use the GREEN laser line to…

  • check your alignment
  • check your stroke shape
  • check your stroke balance

Set the RED laser distance mark for this short putt and, without a ball, practice the stroke.
When you are completely comfortable with the line, shape, and balance, you are ready for the next step.

Build laser-it-n-the-hole confidence as you practice!

Step 2: Execute the putt

Step up to the ball, and execute the putt—Laser-it-in-the-Hole

It is important to practice the exact feeling and mechanics of the stroke before you actually line up and hit the ball.  You want to make sure that you have the full confidence to execute the putt properly, sink the putt, and have a proper mental image to record in your mind.  When you have successfully mastered Laser-it-in-the-Hole putting, you are ready for the next step.

Step 3: Store the image in your mind

  • Ingrain the image of the Laser-it-in-the-Hole putt in your mind.
  • Concentrate on the muscle movements and the feelings that you just used to sink the putt.
  • Commit the image and feelings to memory.

In other words, save this “image-and-muscle-memory” package in your brain’s hard drive.

Repeat these steps  five more times from the same two-foot distance. Make sure that…

  • you properly prepare and set up each putt
  • you execute each putt with complete confidence
  • you commit these images and feelings to memory

When you have successfully completed five putts with confidence and stored the images in your mind, you are ready for the next step.

Burn images of perfect putts into your mind.

Step 4: Recall for Visualization

  • Turn off the lasers of the  Laser Putt™.
  • Line up the exact same putt.
  • Call up from your mind the Laser-it-in-the-Hole putt that you practiced and perfected earlier with the lasers turned on.
  • Play back that successful putt.

Now step up to the ball, and putt it with complete confidence. You’ve just executed a Laser-it-in-the-Hole  putt without the lasers!

Repeat this step five more times.

Pro Tip: Do not move to longer putts until you have sunk five putts in a row. If you miss one, start over. It requires self-discipline, but this is a common pro practice technique. The pressure increases with each successive putt, because if you miss, you have to start all over again. Getting comfortable under pressure is one of the secrets to putting well on the course.

Once you have mastered visualization training at this two-foot distance, try some slightly longer putts. You may want to increase the distance one a foot at a time, but make sure that you are sinking all of the putts that you commit to memory.

By practicing visualization in this manner, you will develop the complete confidence to stand over short putts (2 to 8 feet) and KNOW you’re going to make them because…

  • …you visualized your successful Laser-it-in-the-Hole putts…
  • …you recalled your stored “image and muscle-memory” experience…
  • …you played back the experience in your mind…
  • …you executed the putt with  Laser-it-in-the-Hole Confidence!

Say “Goodbye!” to the yips and “Hello!” to Laser-it-in-the-Hole confidence!

Instructional video: Laser Visualization

For the best viewing experience, tap the full-screen icon in the lower right corner of the video. See all of the instructional videos on the Instructional Videos page.