Green Laser for Line

Step 1. Align your feet

  1. Lay the Alignment & Calibration Guide on the ground.
  2. Place your putter on the zero mark of the White Center-Line.
  3. Align the GREEN laser line with the white center line of the Guide.
  4. Keeping the GREEN laser line parallel to the white center line, pull the putter towards you until the GREEN laser line touches the toes of both shoes.

Laser Putt™ offers unparalleled visual confirmation that you are aligned perfectly every time!

Master your line with the GREEN laser!

Here’s how to use your Laser Putt™ to master your line and ensure a perfectly grooved and balanced stroke every time.

Step 2. Groove your stroke

  1. Return the putter to the zero mark of the white center line again
  2. Swing your putter.

Your goal is to groove a consistent and repeatable putting stroke by keeping the GREEN Target Line perfectly on-line in the “Critical Hitting Zone” 4 inches behind and 4 inches in front of the ball. Use this instant feedback to understand the shape of your stroke as you take the putter back, at impact, and during your follow through.

An additional feature of the GREEN laser is that when you actually hit balls with the LASER Putt™, the GREEN laser line allows you to see exactly where the putter makes contact with the ball. For example, you will clearly see if you hit the ball off the toe or heel, and you will instantly realize the amount of your error. Once you determine where, and by how much, your mis-hits are occurring then you can make the corrective adjustment… and consistently strike the ball dead center. This is what you can confirm with at TOP putting training aid like LASER Putt™.

The GREEN laser line and the Alignment & Calibration Guide allow you to GROOVE this to perfection!

At impact make a conscious effort to hit the ball squarely regardless of the distance… On the follow through make sure that the face of the putter is square to the line.

— Ben Hogan, 1948

Pro Tip: There are many styles and shapes of putting stroke. For example, many golfers have an inside arcing backstroke. This is fine, as long as the club face is square to the line in the critical hitting zone.

Step 3. Balance your stroke

The last important element required for a consistent and repeatable putting stroke is “balance.” To ensure that your stroke is balanced…

  1. …check that your backstroke and your follow through are the same length,  just like a clock pendulum. The Green Target Line acts as a visual pendulum that allows you to master this feeling while you ingrain the image in your mind.
  2. Use the measurements on the Alignment & Calibration Guide to see if your stroke is balanced. This is an important part of the visualization process that will ultimately help you to build confidence and become more consistent.
  3. Only the BEST golf training aids give you this important feedback, and this is why LASER Putt™ is the TOP putting training aid in golf today!

The GREEN laser line and the Alignment & Calibration Guide allow you to GROOVE this to perfection!

In the August 2011 edition of Golf Magazine, Putting Expert Marius Filmalter published research results after examining over 55,000 putting strokes. He found that 96% of Pro Golfers, but only 20% of amateurs, have a balanced putting swing that is the same length on both sides of the ball. Make sure that YOU are part of the 20%!

Instructional video: GREEN laser for line

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Let Laser Putt help YOU master YOUR line!