Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Putt

Laser Putt™  is the first golf aid to offer:

  1. Precise line, shape, and balance of the putting stroke
  2. Exact length of the backstroke
  3. Vivid “real time” images of the complete putting stroke

These features allow golfers to:

  1. Practice their putting line, shape and balance with pinpoint accuracy
  2. Practice their distance control by gathering personal data with unprecedented accuracy on the direct relationship of their “Backstroke-to-Putt-Distance” so they can develop “laser-perfect feel” for distance, pace, and speed
  3. Store powerful visual images of perfect putting strokes in their minds so they can be easily recalled for clear visualization and superior putting confidence. 

All orders are processed immediately and sent out by FedEx, USPS, or UPS. Shipping usually takes 2 or 3 days and you will receive a tracking number to track and trace your package.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We will replace or repair your Laser Putt™ within ninety days  of the date of purchase, with the exception of damage from negligent or extreme use.  Like all electronic devices, your Laser Putt™ should be handled with care and protected from water, dust, and intense heat.


The RED laser operates on a slightly different voltage than the GREEN laser, and therefore when you batteries start to run low then you will notice the RED laser becoming dimmer while the GREEN laser will remain at full strength. This acts as an automatic alert system for you to start preparing for a battery change.

Both lasers are programmed to shut off automatically after 2 minutes and 20 seconds of continuous use. This Auto Shut-off feature prevents you from running down the batteries if you inadvertently leave the switches turned on.

  • Once you attach the Laser Putt™ to the shaft of your putter, the entire main housing can be rotated back and forth. The adjustment is deliberately firm and stiff — so that it won’t vibrate out of position when you hit balls. You can move it up and down also.
  • You should be able to rotate it so that you extend the GREEN Laser Target Line all the way to a hole 100 feet in front of you… or 100 feet behind you! Usually you should just balance it so that it is exactly the same length on both sides of the ball, but you can alter it to any length you want in an instant.
  • In addition, you can gently rotate the 2 laser emission nozzles (technically called apertures) at the bottom of the housing, and you can even push the RED nozzle to your left to adjust the distance from the GREEN Laser. We recommend being somewhat gentle when you do this, but you should align the RED Laser perfectly in-line with the GREEN Laser.

You can use the GREEN Laser Target Line to check the exact position and width of your feet. Line up a putt on the Alignment & Calibration Guide and simply turn your putter 90-degrees to observe the distance of both your feet from the Center Mark to the preferred stance dimensions of your putting stroke. Many Pro golfers have had their personal coaches on their hands and knees with rulers to measure these precise foot locations – and now with Laser Putt™ you can do it perfectly on your own, every time!

All Laser Putt™ units have been certified to be in compliance with the laser regulations in the US set out by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), a division of the FDA. These regulations can be found in CFR 21, Section I, subchapter J, parts 1002 to 1040.11. In addition, Laser Putt™ products meet the requirements of both the US and EU standards under the terms of US “Laser Notice No. 50,” which provides for the use of European IEC standard labels (IEC 60825-1, ed2, 2007-03). Rigorous testing and documentation has been filed with the FDA/CDRH. In accordance with U.S. law, we test each individual unit, and only units that pass the test are affixed with a certification label (shown below). We file a permanent record of the results of the certification tests, and thus all Laser Putt™ units are legally certified.

Yes, Laser Putt™ has had extensive and detailed Patents fully approved in the US and several other countries. The Trademark is now fully registered also.

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Let Laser Putt help YOU build Laser-it-in-the-Hole confidence!