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GOLF DIGEST: “The Best Training Aids For Golf” 2016

Golf Digest magazine had their Editors review 100’s of products to choose: “The Best Training Aids For Golf” in 2016 They only chose 3 products: one full swing device, one phone app…. … and LASER PUTT! Golf Digest: Editors’ Choice Awards

…everything that I want in a training aid… “Laser Putt represents nearly everything that I want in a training aid for putting. It gives you immediate visual feedback and can be used to address multiple swing issues that are faced by the majority of golfers… Laser Putt...

Southland Golf Magazine

…this is by far, the most ACCURATE, USEFUL putting training aid I have ever seen! “I have seen 100’s upon 100’s of putting training aids — nothing even comes close to this Laser Technology and this product, for helping you ALIGN, for...

GolfDigestix Review

"Visual feedback is invaluable for helping golfers... Laser Putt's dual independent adjustable laser system projects a red dot straight in front of the ball as an aiming tool and a green laser line to track the putter's path... to help putters who manipulate the...

Review by the Tijeras Times

"The Laser Putt system will develop a more confident putting stroke and shave strokes off your game."