Over 100 PGA Pros use it on Tour

GOLF DIGEST named it the #1 Putting Aid in Golf!

Used by 3 of the last 4 FedEx Cup Champs!

PGA Tour players using Laser Putt!

I use it every day…and I KNOW

my stroke is PERFECT!

FedEx Cup Champion

If I miss a putt it is due to a mis-read (break or pace)

– not my STROKE!

FedEx Cup Champion

This is by far,

the most ACCURATE putting aid I have ever used!

PGA Player Coach


1. LASER Chalk Line (Green)
SEE your stroke/path… exactly… in Real-time

2. LASER Target Tool (Red)
Perfect for “Spot-Putting”

3. Alignment & Calibration Putting Mat
Check alignment, stance dimensions, and Calibrate Length of backstroke to 1/16th of an inch




Laser Putt is the BEST putting aid I have ever used… PERIOD.”

“Buy one now and start putting like me!”

– Brandt Snedeker  

2012 FedEx Cup Winner

2016 Winner at Torrey Pines

Golf Digest magazine had their Editors review 100’s of products to choose: “The Best Training Aids For Golf”

They only chose 3 products: one full swing device, one phone app….


Golf Digest: Editors’ Choice Awards


…this is by far, the most ACCURATE, USEFUL putting training aid I have ever seen!

“I have seen 100’s upon 100’s of putting training aids — nothing even comes close to this Laser Technology and this product, for helping you ALIGN, for helping you with your putting STROKE, for helping you SQUARE the club-face, for helping you with your LENGTH of stroke. This is by far the most ACCURATE, USEFUL, putting training aid I have ever seen!”

– Mike Lednovich, Southland Golf Magazine, Southern California’s No. 1 Golf Source

…everything that I want in a training aid…

“Laser Putt represents nearly everything that I want in a training aid for putting. It gives you immediate visual feedback and can be used to address multiple swing issues that are faced by the majority of golfers… Laser Putt is unique in the market. Plus it has lasers, and that is just super cool.”

– MyGolfSpy.com, “The Top-secret Golf Site!”

… serious piece of TECHNOLOGY!

“Finally a product where I can see the VALUE! This is not an $80 plastic yard-stick (bought one… omg…), or a $60 pipe-cleaner you stick on the bottom of your putter (got it… returned it), or a $50 cardboard cut-out you lay on the ground (are you kidding me?). This is a serious piece of TECHNOLOGY! 2 high-powered LASERS! I paid 200 bucks for just one of these suckers to put on the scope of my rifle! Not only is this the TOP putting training aid to come out, I think it is the BEST golf training aid in any category!”

– Art Anderson, Scratch Golfer

In just a few putts, I knew exactly what I was doing incorrectly, I made the adjustment and kerplunk…the balls started dropping…

…an amazing, convenient, portable, compact and immediate feedback product that I feel players who want to improve their game and decrease their scores should invest in and make it part of their practice routine on and off the course.
The Laser Putt is something I absolutely love. It is the best putting aid… best putting training aid! In just a few putts, I knew exactly what I was doing incorrectly, I made the adjustment and kerplunk…the balls started dropping and not missing by a hair.  I don’t know about you, but I like to 1-putt!

Kate Hughes, Bunker’s Paradise

Laser Putt is 100% Guaranteed

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Photo of the Laser Putt System


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